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RelaxNGCC ( RELAX NG Compiler Compiler)

$Revision: 1.13 $ By RelaxNGCC SourceForge Project / Daisuke OKAJIMA

RelaxNGCC is a tool for generating Java source code from a given RELAX NG grammar. By embedding code fragments in the grammar like yacc or JavaCC, you can take appropriate actions while parsing valid XML documents against the grammar.

JRE 1.2 or later is required to run the compiler.

Generated code will only need a SAX parser to run.

Feature Highlights

Relaxer is another famous tool for generating Java source code from a given grammar, but RelaxNGCC is different from Relaxer at following points.

Your Comment

If you hava any comments, questions, or requests, please post them to reldeve mailing list, where all the developers are monitoring. We always welcome your comments, as those are the ultimate motivation that drives us to further development.


RelaxNGCC is licensed under Apache Software License-like license. For the code generated by RelaxNGCC, we waive our copyrights, so they are all yours.

Note about

The generated is used as an implementation of org.xml.sax.Attributes. It is based on the source code of org.xml.sax.helpers.AttributesImpl distributed with some products such as Xerces, but the original org.xml.sax.helpers.AttributesImpl has a bug in removeAttribute method. To avoid the bug, I modified the original and located at relaxngcc.runtime package. is in the public domain like the original for this reason. The bug has not been fixed in JRE1.4.

Release Notes

Earlier release notes are available here.

Wish list for future versions

To file a feature request, please visit the project website at SourceForge.

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